Check out 8 Best Skateboards for Kids to buy in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide.

Many kids under the age of five don’t have the proper skateboard balance because if they do, well, they may just be the next Tony Hawk. The aim of a children’s skateboard is to start showing them how to balance. Since they are sized for smaller feet, smaller boards help kids learn best. As for older ones, they can accommodate a deck that is broader and longer.

Skateboarding is a fun and thrilling sport that has been the most popular among children these days. If they have the right equipment with them, any child can use skateboard. Is your child looking for a skateboard? For them, it’s a perfect way to communicate with peers, stay busy, and develop new skills. When you are able to master new tricks on your best skateboard, you feel confident and competent.

One of the most fun adventures you will have is trying a new sport or discovering a new passion. Skateboarding is a perfect choice if your children are looking for a sport that is demanding, exciting, and still an adventure. Learning how to skateboard will allow children of all ages the ability to learn tricks, test their skills in skate parks, and discover new scenery, a cooler way to roll.

Skateboarding offers a whole world of fun experiences and adventures whether they’re five years old or 15 years old, and it’s a lifestyle that will stick for life. It could be time to give skating a shot if your kids are looking for something different. With our favorite product choices, check out some of the best skateboards for kids right here. Also, see our recommendations like, best games for toddlers,  best lego sets for kidsbest baby walkers for infants.

1. EPIKGO Electronic Skateboard

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  • Colour: Black
  • EPIKGO Brand
  • The Content Maple
  • Black Colour
  • Weight of Things 16.5 Pounds
  • 3.5 inches Wheel Scale

The DC Brushless Motor has the potential to reach up to 25 mph at high speeds. And ride up steep hills with grace with a gradient of 30 degrees. Ride to school, work, or sports practice easily with a flexible Maplewood Frame. All facets of the board are operated by a handheld wireless controller.

This EPIKGO electronic skateboard, Completely calculate the speed of the ride with 3 distinct gear speeds with a quick push of a button and ensure a fun ride with acceleration, battery signal, and more. Intelligent built-in sensors avoid energy shortages or explosions, while powerful sensors deal with choices for speed modulation and auto-brake sensitivity. In order to receive UL certification, 159 special performance and safety assessments were performed.

The incredibly fast charging process takes just 2 hours. To get you out outdoors and to ride as fast as you can. Drive up to 12.5 miles with a single charge to meet your destination, whether it’s in a major city or a small community. Exclusive 1-year warranty on suppliers or technical faults offered by EPIKGO. Necessary proof of acquisition.

2. MOVTOTOP Skateboards for Kids

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  • The MOVTOTOP brand
  • 6 inch Deck Depth
  • Aluminum Content
  • Color 3-Skateboard Gray
  • Content of Tire Polyurethane
  • Bearing Alloy Steel Content
  • Weight of Object 3.8 Pounds

Skateboards for Kids with 6 Pack Knee Pads Kit, Kids skateboard comes with a 6 in 1 safety gear set, perfect for kids 3-6. Under adult guidance, children wear knee pads, elbow pads and glove sets for skateboarding, allowing parent-child time to be shared and helping the children ride skateboards better and healthier.

When turning left and right, aluminum alloy trucks with steel truck bolts & elastic PU support pads are more durable and versatile than conventional gravity steering. Superior shock resistance can make it smoother and easier to work when teaching the balancing skill of children.

Total skateboards can be used out of the box for girls and boys without installation needed. The rear of the tail plate has an elevated profile, simple to tote around. The lightweight micro cruiser skateboards can also be conveniently stored in the luggage or backpack and can be used at any time directly.

MOVTOTOP skateboards for kids, with ABEC-7 chrome steel bearings, high-quality soft PU wheels can minimize resistance, making riding skateboards easier, ideal for skate parks, ramps, and other flat surfaces or even rough terrain. 21.5 ” length x 6 ” wide thickened deck will have better protection and security for consumers. As children’s birthday present, Christmas gift and so on, it is the right option.

3. TANJILI Complete Skateboard

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7 Layer Maple Wood Deck With a non-slip surface, the skateboard can give your feet a locked feeling. Weight 220 lbs(100KG) can be provided by 54mm 92A PU wheels and ABEC-7 precision bearings with PU bushings. Stable for beginners and skilled.

Classic double kick concave design with customized emery sandpaper design is ideal for learning basic skills for beginners. A high rebound PU damping system can provide a safe glide and better stability. The trajectory and pace can be easily controlled by the rider.

Our skateboard is designed not only for learning practical skills but also for several forms of tricks. It is ideal for commuting, skate parks, ramps, swimming pools, and other smooth or even rugged surface areas. This cruiser skateboard is a perfect present for boys and girls.

With the All-in-One Skate T-Tool, this cruiser skateboard has everything you need to tighten up or rebuild your skateboard. It will take them away from technology and bring more excitement to their lives. Go outdoors and have fun on our awesome skateboard workout. TANJIALI is committed to offering great goods and outstanding services to its clients.  Advanced skaters looking to skate mini ramps or in small skate parks will have a blast with this board.

4. Magneto Kids Skateboard 

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  • Magneto Brand
  • 7.75-inch Deck Depth
  • Aluminum stuff, Maple
  • 27.5 inches Deck Length
  • Colour Checkered
  • Hardness of Durometer 95A

Great first board, we have found that the typical scale and form was too long and bulky for youngsters, about 31 inches long and 8 inches tall. We ended up with a 7.75 inch wide, 27.5-inch long deck. Without the extra length and weight, kids’ feet match well on this deck.

Instead of the larger heavy boards that are usually available on the market, the children we worked with learned to skate a lot better with boards that were made for them.

Magneto kids skateboard, horter board, the deck is a little shorter than a standard skateboard at 27.5 inches, making it the right size for practicing. When we built this board, we found that a smaller version is indeed enjoyable for adults. The durable, trendy deck is made with 7 rough maple plies on the front and back of the board with double cocktails and a shallow concave for extra support when skating. For additional stability under the skater’s feet, the deck is covered with high-quality grip tape on top of the board and features 3 awesome graphic options on the bottom.

Aluminum trucks ready to ride out of the box for additional power and reliability with 5′ gravity cast aluminum trucks and a steel axle. SHR medium stiffness bushings allow the rider the freedom to turn and skate with grace and safety. Super Soft, a high grip 52mm 95A SHR polyurethane wheels High Rebound Urethane wheels that allow cycling comfortable and smooth, extra stable

5.METROLLER Skateboard

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  • METROLLER brand
  • 8 inch Deck Depth
  • Aluminum-alloy material, Maple
  • 31 inch Deck Length
  • Color The spirit of youth
  • Hardness of Durometer 95A

“Sturdy & Solid, 31″ x 8″ full skateboard, 7 layers of matching Canadian maple wood deck with 5” reinforced aluminum alloy trucks provide you with good and efficient support. The skateboard’s gross bearing weight is up to 220 pounds.

Smooth Ride, fitted with anti-shock 54mm 95A High Rebound PU car line wheels and high-speed mute ABEC-9 carbon steel bearings matching PU bushings, smooth and wear-resistant, while skating offers a stable and firm grip. Even some hard soil is ideal for any smooth surface. Just love the wonderful feeling of skating.

METROLLER skateboard, etter Control, fitted with waterproof and high-quality sandpaper that ensures high friction and powerful anti-slip, the emery sandpaper matching the traditional double kick concave style gives you safety experience and better control, letting you quickly practice more tricks.

Fun Patterns Design, Takes a lot of time choosing a variety of gorgeous and colorful patterns printed on skateboards, personal attractive type of graphics such as punk, new wave, retro, traditional, etc. Styles printed on heat transfer process skateboards can sustain a longer service life. No need for assembly. This complete skateboard is entirely assembled and comes with a carrying bag and a repair kit. With our skateboards, we have faith. This skateboard is the right present for grown-ups, young boys and girls.

6. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

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  • WhiteFang brand
  • Aluminum stuff, Maple
  • Arrow Colour
  • Hardness of Durometer 95A
  • Content of Tire Polyurethane
  • Bearing Alloy Steel Content
  • 5.2 centimeters Wheel Scale
  • 330 Pounds Load Capacity
  • Age Scale 6 years Up (Description)

Solid & durable, Canadian maple deck with 7 layers, 31.75 “*7.88” provides the right balance between power and weight. Built with 5-inch magnesium alloy trailers, the full load weight is up to 330 pounds. Reliable and professional for beginners

Smooth&Speedy, super smooth (52mm,95A) High rebound PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A high rebound PU bushing; Our wheel will provide you with the quick ground response, ideal for cycling, skate parks, ramps, swimming pools, and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground.

WHITEFANG master New Tricks, build for beginners and professionals, double kick dissymmetric concave combos with personalized emery sandpaper give your feet a locked feeling enough to make you learn new tricks quickly.
Graphic Design, thermal transfer printing technology printed with streamlined Black&White graphic design facilitates greater longevity of printing. The pattern takes even longer to last, no assembly required, come with a finished professional skateboard 31.75 “* 7.88” and we provide excellent after-sale service.

7. ANDRIMAX Skateboards

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  • ANDRIMAX Brand
  • Aluminum stuff, Maple
  • CB-7LBB-KKVZZ Colour
  • Hardness of Durometer 95A
  • Content of Tire Polyurethane
  • 5.3 centimeters Wheel scale
  • 220 Pounds Load Capacity
  • Span of Ages (Description) 4 Years

ANDRIMAX Full Skateboards Use 7 Lays 31’L x 8’W x 4’H Canadian Maple Providing Users with More Stability and Protection, Skateboards Total Load 220lbs Fit for Beginners and Experienced Skaters for Adults and Kids. Skateboards endorse more sophisticated skate tricks such as sharp twists, pivots, slides, and street skating.

Basic Double Warped Style Skateboards Above the skateboard deck, No-Slip, and Durable Emery Sand Paper make riders safer. 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu Wheels with Good Grip and Simple Fit on All Sorts of Roads are used by ANDRIMAX skateboards. Our High-Speed Silence ABEC-11 Skateboard Wheels Have Smooth and Speed Glide -Safer when you Skating.

The Thicken Aluminum Alloy Truck is used by ANDRIMAX Skateboards to improve the balance and stability of skateboards. Skateboards Trucks have a high rebound PU damping mechanism that will give users more protection and a relaxed experience.

ANDRIMAX Skateboards Fit for both children and adults, it’s a nice idea for your children who are over 4 years old as a present. Their Childhood Release. Go out and have a nice workout on our awesome skateboards. ANDRIMAX Skateboards Come with the Mounted Total. We have outstanding support for after-sale. Any questions just feel free to email us, we must give you an answer of enjoyment.

8. PHNHOLUN Skateboard

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  • Brand PHNHOLUN
  • Material Polypropylene, Aluminium ,Plastic
  • Color 6
  • Hardness of Durometer 80A
  • Content of Tire Polyurethane
  • Six Centimeters Wheel Scale
  • 220 Pounds Load Capacity
  • Span of age (Description) 3 years Up

The skateboard is made of robust and durable polypropylene, supporting riders up to 220lbs. For optimum speed and stability, the cruiser skateboard comes with 3″ thick aluminum vans. Kick tail for extra control while surfing, ideal for different tricks. Non slip surface for added more stable protection.

The skateboard cruiser features 60 * 45 mm soft PU spokes, high-speed ABEC-7 bearings and excellent shock absorption, ideal for soaking up all those street bumps and pavement cracks while giving you the smooth ride
Skateboard fits all beginners-Skateboard is made for children, teens or adults who want a smooth and easy trip to have fun or get around town.

PHNHOLUN skateboard provides more excitement for commuting to the supermarket or on a tree lined, twisting road and people of a wide range of ages – this mini skateboard is fitted with light up wheels for some seriously awesome cruising, giving an additional layer of fun to the lighting on the wheel as it rolls bright and vibrant.

You don’t have to think about batteries being charged or replaced, which still light up when you fly. Full size 22″ x 5.8″ skateboard arrives with a cruiser skateboard professionally assembled and ready to go right out of the box, perfect for a gift.


This mini skateboard is built with light up wheels for some seriously cool cruising, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the lighting on the wheel as it rolls bright and colorful. Skateboard offers more entertainment for commuting to the store or on a tree lined, winding path and people of a wide variety of ages.

You don’t have to worry about charging or changing the batteries, which always light up as you ride.The full size 22″ x 5.8″ skateboard comes with a fully assembled and ready to go cruiser skateboard right out of the packaging, great for a present.

Sizing For Children:

Sizing for kids can be very challenging when making a sizing selection and selecting the right beginner skateboards for kids, and it is something that needs to be taken seriously into consideration, particularly at various ages. In contrast to a 7, 8 or 12 year old, for example, a 5 or 6 year old would require a different form.

You want a board that’s not so thin that it could break when they walk on it, but you don’t want one that’s so big that their feet can’t sit on it. Note that width is more critical than weight, so we say for children 6-8 inches in width, this would be better to encourage them to fit comfortably on the deck and get the most out of their new journey.

Security For Children:

Security is one of the main issues for kid skaters, you might make choices as a kid that could be unwise, and kids might damage themselves badly. Here are a few tips for keeping children safe while cycling.

About helmets:

Obviously, the most important thing to have is a helmet, so we’re not talking about a slight bump if you bang your head on the pavement. We’re talking about a ride to the hospital. Make sure that your child still has a helmet, even though it might be too ‘cool’ for that, the best cure and #1 goal is safety.


Shoes. Now, if you wear flip-flops when you’re skating, that’s not the best idea. If you go skate without shoes on the driveway, that’s not the best thing either. We advised that children always have durable and sealed shoes so that they can enjoy a comfortable trip without tearing their toes or something like that.

Body Padding, Pads over the Knee, And Gloves:

Now, if you can guarantee that your child truly protects him or herself, these things are all luxury items, although we strongly suggest that you buy these items so that you can stay away from those nasty cuts and bruises, these items are not required and without them you can ride very saftly.

Why do parents have to buy a skateboard for my child?

Many other parents still wonder why, here we’re going to list a few things about your child’s optimistic skating.


Some kids have no hobby, and they’re searching for one, maybe they don’t play sports or do, so they’re looking for a challenge. As you have to skate outdoors, it’s also a perfect way to get your kid outside, it’s the best way to get the kids off the tv and enjoy the heat. Only look at the video below and see how fun it is for these kids to learn to fly.


For most young people, this is the first proper travel they’re going to see. It’s fun for children to go down the street to meet their friends, and it’s a great way to get your child to use the real world and how the roads actually work.


Our suggestions above are what we found are the best skateboards for kids are available on the market. These are the best skateboards for kids to buy in every price range for you.

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